Tiny Huge News

Creative direction for Tiny Huge News, a news channel and an online platform for kids around the world, where children 8+ learn to produce news stories in their own words based on current global events. It is about teaching kids media literacy, critical thinking and what news (& fake news) is in today's world.  
The project was launched as part of 798 International Children Art Festival in Beijing in 2016 and it was also part of the cultural program for kids at La Casa Encendida in Madrid, with an open exhibit for a large audience.

I worked on the corporate identity, set, costumes, music and game design, to the title sequence animation and show art direction.

The title sequence was illustrated by Juan Díaz Faes and animated by Vení.

Stills from the program with the costumes and props.

All of the segments are recorded in this modular set that can be taken to different places.

You can check the process of the animation and illustration here and here.