The Greatest Shop of Secrets

I was invited to make an intervention in one of the old shops in Abrantes, a small town in the middle of Portugal, as part of the 180 Creative Camp from Canal180. I transformed the old ceramics shop of Adelaide Mendoça into "The greatest shop of secrets in Abrantes".

It all started when one morning the city woke up with their walls full of posters that announced an opening, a secret event with a date and a location.

Next day in the square, there was a confessionary where the inhabitants could get rid of their secrets, writing them on a paper and introducing them in a box.

These secrets went to the shop and were placed beside the objects sold there, frames, vases, plates, jars... The day of the opening we covered the shop with a huge black fabric so nobody knew what was going on. At 19:00 Adelaide went out and invited all of the curious to come inside of her brand new shop.

For the purchase of any object people will get for free a secret from a citizen of Abrantes, a real souvenir. The shop was crowded, and Adelaide sold in just one day the same amount as in two years. With no budget we helped bring people to an old shop with no customers.