La Casa Apagada

Writting and Creative Direction of the production for a night at the museum, La Casa Encendida, in December 2018. 

With sleeping bags, sandwiches and lanterns, sixty children were spectators of a story told by the cleaner of the center. The story was about a girl who lived there a long time ago, when it was a pawnshop.  But the book was not what was expected, and from it came lights, sound effects, performances, games, mysterious beings, and even a theater of shadows. 

While the museum was getting darker and darker, armed with flashlights, the children, already part of the story, were in charge of solving the mystery, and trigger the spectacular and surprising end.

The next day, after having breakfast at a large table, where they debated about the magical night, they left knowing that the books are alive and so is the cultural center.

Photography: Amalia Wakonigg
Set Design:
Alex Zeta
Book folding:
Moriel Briller (Folded Book Art)
Nines Martín, Victor Colmenero Mir, Lara Brown & Esther Rodríguez Barbero.